Impactboard Plasterboard

Specialty plasterboard that has fibreglass strands within the product and a heavier paper liner meaning the board is much stronger than standard plasterboard. Impactboard is suitable for use in very high traffic areas where walls are subjected to being knocked.

Features and Benefits

  • Specifically designed for high impact areas.
  • High resistance to soft body impact.
  • Reduced indentations from hard body impact.
  • Equivalent acoustic performance to BGC Soundboard.
  • Stronger that standard 13mm plasterboard.
  • Same installation method as standard plasterboard.
  • Easy to joint and finish.
  • Easy to repair.

Impactboard is suitable for both residential and commercial applications and is especially recommended for high traffic areas such as entrance foyers, corridors, waiting rooms and many more. Impactboard should be considered when lining areas where the wall linings are subject to a lot of passing human traffic or lots of movement of equipment or furniture.

Impactboard is ideally suited for commercial applications such as schools, hospitals, airports and shopping areas and in residential applications for hallways, rumpus rooms and games rooms.


Length (mm)
3000 3600
13 1200 11.5 x x

Impact Testing

BGC Impactboard has been subjected to a number of hard and soft body impact testing.
Impactboard was compared against other BGC Plasterboard products.

Impactboard is not intended to withstand deliberate damage or to be installed in areas where heavy moving machinery such as forklift trucks are used.

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