NRG Energy Efficient Building Systems is pleased to announce a revolution in lightweight cladding systems. NRG Building Systems is the first and only company to achieve Code Mark Accreditation and BAL29 Fire Testing on EPS cladding systems.

NRG Greenboard Wall System has CodeMark and BAL29 Accreditation on the complete system, comprising of NRG Greenboard, fixings, render beads, polymer modified render, reinforced mesh, textures and membrane coatings. NRG is the only company to achieve CodeMark Accreditation making the system fully BCA compliant. NRG Greenboard has legislated product acceptance nationwide, giving the consumer total piece of mind and confidence.

NRG Greenboard has passed extensive fire testing procedures (in accordance with AS1530. 8.1-2007), by global testing company Exova Warringtonfire, that enables NRG Greenboard to comply in BAL29 areas (Bush Fire Attack Level). Used in conjunction with NRG Batten System, (NRG Battens) increases the R-Value to 3.31R.

Insurance companies are now insisting that EPS cladding systems have BAL Rating and CodeMark Accreditation. Why risk a product that insurance companies will reject. Once again NRG Greenboard gives the designer, certifier, builder and customer total confidence and piece of mind.

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