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NRG Greenboard 40mm – 60mm – 75mm – 100mm

Showing unique, ‘Registered Design Certified‘ diagonal grooving system – Advantages better key for rendered surface, in addition to allowing the inner surface to breath against the sarking membrane.

External PVC Bead


  • External corners
  • Option, window and door reveals (External corners)

Available in 3.5mm and 6mm render system, at 3m lengths.


Starter Bead 40mm – 60mm – 75mm – 100mm (Cavity Release)


  • Concrete slab, rebate base starter bead.
  • Timber floor: NRG base bead.
  • Over lower roof base bead.

Available in 3.5mm and 6mm render systems at 3m lengths.


NRG PVC Feature Bead


  • Feature Greenboard Recesses.
  • Horizontal and Vertical.
  •  Available as 3.5mm and 6mm render systems, at 3m lengths.
  • (See ‘NRG Feature Panel‘)

UV Stablised.

Adhesives & Sealant

  • Bostik Fireban One: Fire rated Polyurethane Sealant.
  • Bostik Seal’n Flex: Polyurethane UV Stablised Sealant.
  • Bostik Adhesive: ‘No more nails’ (See page 11 of NRG Specification Guide).



NRG Greenboard Polymer Modified Render

  • 1st Coat application, together with NRG Fibreglass Mesh.
  • 2nd Coat application.



NRG Acrylic Texture.


  • – 3rd Coat (Flat plastic float finish).
  • – Apply as final acrylic coating, over polymer modified render.
  • – Minimum cure time 48hrs, before paint applied finishes.


  • – NRG Sunhoods.
  • – Post render, x 2 Coats.
  • – Pre-paint application.

Select UV Stablised product, made to adhere to cementuous based material.

Masonry Fixings

a simple but effective method of fixing Greenboard to masonry surfaces.

NRG Greenboard Hilti IDP
Polypropylene Anchors
Hilti IDP Anchors
Maximum Fixing Centers
40mm 70mm Refer:- iv) above for spacing details
60mm 90mm
75mm 110mm

NRG EPS Battens


 NRG 75 CR (Cavity Release)

  • NRG 35 x 25 x 1240mm Batten.
  • Fixing: (Timber) 40mm Galv. clout.
  • Fixing: (Steel) 40mm Drill Point screw.
  • (See ‘NRG 75 CR‘ section details).

Reveal Bead 40mm – 60mm – 75mm


  • Window Reveals.
  • Base edge of cladding.
  • Control joints.

Available in 3.5mm and 6mm render systems at 3m lengths.


Expansion Joint Bead


  • – Horizontal control joints.
  • – Vertical control joints.
  • – Sunhood drip groove.

Available in 3.5mm and 6mm render systems at 3m lengths.


Bostik PVC Primer 5077


 PIVOTAL STEP: Adhesion of polyurethane UV stablised sealant, to all window/door joinery, relies heavily on this procedure. Failure to impliment this primer, prior to sealing, will result in inferior trade practice. Resulting in possible polyurethane breakdown. (See page 11 of NRG Specification Guide)

Foam Adhesives


  • – Installation of both Sunhoods & Blades.
  • – Larger hole fillers.
  • – Masonary assist adhesion.

Powers – Expanded Trigger Foam
Power(s) Foam Cleaner(s)x

Sunhood & Blades:

 Mechanical Fixings:

  • – Galvanised Brackets.
  • – Coach Screws (Timber).
  • – Anchor Bolts (Masonry).
  • – Purlin Bolts (Steel).

(See specification guide)

NRG Greenbaord Mesh


  • Reinforced, alkali resistant, fibreglass 160g/m mesh.
  • Lightly trowelled into 1st Polymer render coat.


Stud Fixing & Washers

Timber Fixing and Metal Fixings

  • N.B. Screws are to be Galvanised or Treated (Class 3)
  • All NRG PVC Washers and Fixings are required at 300mm
  • Maximum centres – Refer to Page 9 DWG 1.0
  • Extreme environments – consideration should be given to the use of T316 Stainless Steel Fixings.
NRG Greenboard Timber Framing Treated CSK Ribbed Head Steel Framing Treated CSK Drill Point
40mm 10.8 x 65mm 55mm
60mm 10.8 x 100mm 75mm
75mm 10.8 x 100mm 90mm
100mm 10.8 x 125mm 125mm

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